Garmin’s recently released Rally pedals are an all-new offering to the power meter market, covering the needs of cyclists from a wide range of disciplines.


This release is quite important, as the previous Vector 3 pedals, which were plagued by small yet important engineering flaws, were a very popular product despite their issues. We certainly hope these new pedals can rise up to the task and be the power meter pedals everyone has been waiting for, not to mention the XC version is one of the first of its kind, being a pedal based power meter for off-road MTB and gravel riders.

The Rally pedals are available in 3 different versions: 

RS = For Shimano Road Cleats

RK = For Look Kéo cleats 

XC = For Shimano SPD cleats

And 2 different formats:

100 = Single sided power measurement

200 = dual sided power measurement 

This results in quite a few options as described in the following chart:

  100 200
RS 849.99 1429.99
RK 849.99 1429.99
XC 899.99 1559.99

*prices shown in CAD $


The contents are essentially the same, no matter the version. The neatly packaged pedals include :

The pedals themselves, with CR1/3N batteries pre-installed. 

The respective cleats and mounting hardware.

Axle spacers, battery cover o-rings and instruction manuals. 

Notable improvements 

Garmin seems to have put notable effort into the shortcomings of the previous version. 

These new pedals use the ‘’second generation’’ battery cover, which was meant to replace the original battery cover of the Vector 3s following numerous instances of water penetration. 

To help with this, the threads inside the pedals have also been changed from plastic to metal, which in the previous version tended to strip pretty easily and cause further weather sealing problems. 

Garmin recommends the use of a single CR1/3N rather than double-stacked LR44 batteries, which had also been a source of concern in the Vector 3s. Advertised battery life is up to 120-150 hours. 

These subtle yet important improvements are certainly welcome and we expect these pedals to solve most of the issues from the previous version, thus improving Garmin’s reputation in the power meter market.

Miscellaneous data 

Pedal weights:

  100 200
RS 328g 320g
RK 334g 326g
XC 451g 444g

Maximum rider weight: 105kg

Power meter precision: +/- 1%

Q-Factor (all versions): 53 mm (55 mm with included spacer)

Pedal Stack: 13.5 mm (XC versions), 12.2 mm (RS + RK versions)

Battery life: 120-150 hours (with CR1/3N batteries)