In-store pickup & free shipping on 99$ or more. See all details here.


Frequently asked questions

If you can't find the answer to your question, it will be our pleasure to help you!


What are the accepted methods of payment?

You can pay online with Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.



Online financing

Online financing is offered with PayBright.



Tracking number

Your tracking number will be sent once your order has been processed. It will be activated once the carrier picks it up, usually at the end of a business day.



Why was my order cancelled?

If an inventory error prevents us from completing your order in total or in part, your order might get cancelled. In that event, you will receive an email with the proper explanations. For more information, please contact us.



What products are offered online?

All products sold by Primeau Vélo in-store are offered online.



Are product quantities on the website in real time?

No, but product quantities are updated multiple times every hour. This means a product available online could be sold in-store at the same time.



What are the shipping fees for orders below 99$?

There is a flat fee of 9.99$ for orders below 99$.



Can someone else pick up my order in-store for me?

No. Only the original cardholder and person who placed the order can pick up the order. We will make no exceptions.



Can I have a bike shipped?

Bikes cannot be shipped. We do offer the possibility to place your order online for an in-store pickup. 



How can I order an out of stock item?

Please contact us with your inquiry. We will verify availability and pricing. Please note that special orders are always at regular price.