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Men's Cycling Tops

When embarking on long bike rides, it is crucial to feel comfortable in your clothing. It's all about choosing the right cycling top for your type of cycling and weather conditions. At Primeau Vélo, you'll find a wide selection of men's cycling tops from the industry's best brands, including POC, Castelli, Sportful, Fox Racing, and more!

What are the different types of men's cycling tops?

To make your bike rides more comfortable and enjoyable, it's important to wear a cycling top that suits your activity. Whether you're into road cycling, mountain biking, or competitive cycling, we have the best men's cycling tops that will meet your needs. Here's our selection of men's cycling tops:

* Jerseys
* Long-sleeve jerseys
* Jackets and vests
* Casual tops
* Base layers

Which type of cycling top to choose for each discipline?

Short-sleeve and sleeveless cycling jerseys

For summer bike rides, opt for a short-sleeve or sleeveless cycling jersey. These are usually made from lightweight fabrics for better breathability during your intense training sessions. For road cyclists, a fitted short-sleeve cycling jersey provides better aerodynamics. For mountain bikers, a short-sleeve cycling jersey allows excellent freedom of movement.

Long-sleeve cycling jerseys

Featuring insulation and breathability, long-sleeve cycling jerseys are perfect for rides in changing seasonal conditions. They are often made from synthetic fabrics (polyester) or natural fabrics (merino wool) to prevent your body from overheating. Long-sleeve cycling jerseys for men often have unique features and important details, such as UPF protection, water-resistant fabric, reflective details, rear pockets, and more. Similar to short-sleeve jerseys, we recommend a fitted jersey for road cycling and a looser fit for mountain biking.

Cycling jackets and vests

To protect yourself from the elements, we offer a wide range of cycling jackets and vests. They will keep you warm and dry, even in extreme seasonal conditions. Whether you're looking for a thermal jacket, a sleeveless vest, a windbreaker, or a waterproof jacket, you'll find your next favorite piece at Primeau. Many of our jackets feature Gore-Tex technology, a shell that provides complete protection from water and wind while offering excellent breathability. Several models of cycling jackets and vests have reflective details to ensure your visibility on the road.

How to choose the right base layer

The function of a base layer is to wick away moisture and sweat to keep you as dry and warm as possible. To avoid getting too hot or too cold, it's important to choose the appropriate combination for your activity. To find the one that meets your needs, consider the intensity of the activity, outdoor conditions, and your sensitivity to cold. Here are some recommendations:

Low-intensity activity

For low-intensity activities, we recommend a warmer base layer. The warmest combinations are usually made from merino wool (weight between 250 and 320). Blends of synthetic fibers and merino wool are ideal for those who want a similarly performing garment at a lower cost. Layering intermediate and outer layers will keep your body warmer for longer.

High-intensity activity

For high-intensity activities, you should choose a base layer that wicks away moisture and dries quickly to prevent freezing. Opt for a close-fitting cut for better breathability during physical exertion. Merino wool layers have thermoregulatory properties that adapt to all weather conditions. Additionally, they have antimicrobial and anti-odor properties for highly active individuals. We recommend a weight between 120 and 150 for merino wool layers. However, synthetic base layers are a good alternative for those who cannot wear wool. Synthetic fabrics are equally known for their breathable and insulating properties.

Discover our casual tops for men, the perfect way to wear your favorite bike brands every day. We have a wide selection of t-shirts, hoodies, and casual shirts.

The best brands of men's cycling tops:

* POC: A Swedish manufacturer that advocates for safety and innovation in product creation. POC proudly serves as the brand of choice for many Olympic and elite athletes worldwide.
* Fox Racing: Fox Racing is a passionate family-owned company committed to creating high-performance and safe products for everyone. The American company specializes in extreme sports such as mountain biking and motocross.
* Sportful: Since 1972, Sportful has been designing high-performance clothing for both top cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts.
* Castelli: Since 1876, the Italian company Castelli has been the ultimate choice for technical and comfortable cycling tops.

Shop our men's cycling tops online on our website and enjoy fast and free delivery on orders of $99 or more, or visit one of our bike shops in the province of Quebec. Do you have any other questions about men's cycling tops? Feel free to contact our advisors; they will be happy to assist you. Primeau Vélo, the largest bicycle product retailer in Canada.