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Certified Used Bikes

Our new program has arrived!

Primeau Vélo is proud to present our all new Certified Used Bike program. Our used bikes are fixed up, cleaned and put back to their best state possible to provide you with the best riding experience possible at the best price possible. 

Condition scale

All our certified used bikes are evaluated according to their condition. You will find the condition scale attached to each bike:

The bike has practically never been used (less than 500km) but features certain cosmetic imperfections. 

The bike has been used for a few rides (500 to 2000km) and has very little cosmetic wear. 

The bike has ridden atleast 100km and has more apparent wear, but is refurbished to it's best condition before sale. 

The bike has been used over 3000km and multiple parts have been replaced. It may feature heavier signs of wear. 

Refurbishing steps


Verification and tune-up

Our mechanics go over the entire bike before it is put for sale. All parts in need are replaced. A full inspection of cosmetic damage is done, with everything noted for the upcoming product page. 



The bikes are then shot in our professional studio with the most important cosmetic damage clearly visible. 


Up for sale

Once photographed, we publish each bike on our website. We do our best to be as transparent as possible with the bike's condition, however some details might fly under our radar. Therefore, we suggest checking our the bike in store before purchase.  

The Primeau Vélo difference

By purchasing a certified used bicycle from Primeau Vélo, you receive the same after-sales service as a new bicycle. All our used bicycles are subject to supplier and/or store warranties while being offered at a discounted price to provide you with the best value for your money.


Types of bikes


Demo bike, used bike and store bike; what are the differences?

Demo bike: A demo bike is a bike that was only used for a few rides, during an event, or having belonged to an employee who doesn’t ride that much. Typically, our demo bikes have very little signs of wear. 

Used bike: Used bikes are bikes that previously belonged to an employee, a customer or a PVR/PVD team member and have been used for over 1000 km. These bikes usually have more cosmetic wear, but function like new thanks to the work of our experienced technicians. 

Store bike: Store bikes are bikes that have never been used, but have a few signs of cosmetic damage due to sales floor manipulations. These are the closest to brand new you can get. 


How do we determine the price?

At Primeau Vélo, all our used bikes are sold with the same manufacturer's warranty and Primeau vélo warranty as a brand new bike. You can ride your used bike, at a better price, and be safe knowing you are covered whatever happens. 
Each used bike is unique, prices are therefore established according to each bike. Factors that influence price are: mechanical inspection, replacement parts, mileage and cosmetic damage.



Is my used bike covered by any warranty?

At Primeau Vélo, all used bicycles are sold with the same manufacturer warranties and store warranties as a new bicycle. Therefore, you can ride a used bicycle at a better price with peace of mind! For more information about Primeau Vélo warranties, please visit this link. To claim a warranty on your certified used bicycle, please contact our customer service at


Can I sell my bike to Primeau Vélo?

It is currently not possible to sell your used bike to Primeau Vélo.


Can i get my used bike shipped to me?

At this time, it is not possible to ship our used bikes. 


Which parts are inspected before the sale?

  • Headset bearings

  • Front & rear hub bearings

  • Tire condition

  • Bottom bracket bearings
  • Bar tape

  • Chainrings

  • Chaiin

  • Cassette

  • Saddle

  • Suspension fork

  • Frame pivot bearings

  • Grips

  • Shifters

  • Brake levers

  • All other parts susceptible to wear