We’ve been waiting for it and it’s finally back: the biking season. Our excitation rushes us to go ride outside, very often despite the few minutes of preparation required. So we have put together a list of essentials to bring during your road or hybrid bike rides, so you will never be caught off guard.

Nutrition and energy

Energy bars and gels are ideal when we extend our training. They prevent our tired body and our empty belly from having the best of our performance. Clif Energy Bars and Gu Energy Gels are available in a variety of flavors to suit all tastes and help you sustain your effort.

Repair kit

Nothing is worst than to be caught off guard by a sudden puncture and having to finish early our ride. Many repair kits exist, including the Park Tool TR-1, containing everything you need for the ride back home. It includes 2 tire levers, 6 patches, glue and a piece of sand paper so it can respond to every emergency quickly and perfectly.


When the repair isn’t enough, it’s better to change the tube. Cannondale road tube features the perfect format in a practical wrapping that can easily fit in our bag or jersey.

Mini pump

Once the tube is changed, it only takes a few bursts of air before you can get off on the right foot. Better to have a mini-pump on hand that can quickly inflate it in case of unforeseen. Blackburn Airstick SL is lightweight and small for easy storage.

Chamois cream

The chamois cream helps prevent chafing and uncomfortable rubbing that most cyclists experience when sitting on their saddle. You can trust Chamois Butt’r which, in addition to soothing you, will leave no trace on your clothes or your skin. Also, there are creams specially adapted for women.

Saddle bag

All these accessories can perfectly fit in a saddle bag until you need them. They come in many sizes and can be attached in different ways to fit a wide range of bikes. Bontrager Pro Quick Cleat model is available in three different capacities so it can carry all your essentials, and it even allows the installation of a rear light for more security.

Visit our stores to have your bike adjusted by our mechanics on site. Our fast and personalized service will allow you to hit the road with a clear conscience and above all, with a reliable and well adjusted bike.