Even if the sun sets earlier and temperatures start reaching 0°C, that does not stop us from wanting to make the most out of the biking season. Dressing properly at this time of the year can be difficult, as we must take into account changing weather, wind and the course we’ll be riding. Here’s our list of essential clothing items for these months of changing weather.

Arm and Leg Warmers

For fresh morning outings, there’s nothing better than clothing that can easily be removed once temperature warms up. Quickly stored in your jersey pockets, arm and leg warmers are made of breathable fabrics to regulate body temperature and wick away moisture. Sugoi offers a selection of Midzero arm, knee and leg warmers ideal for temperatures above 0°C.


Thermal baselayers provide warmth while regulating body temperature, keeping you dry during your rides. Allowing superior moisture management, they are ideal for high intensity rides. Assos designs becaselayers for specific seasons to better meet temperature needs, such as the ⅔ SkinFoil for spring and fall.

Long Sleeve Jerseys

Cyclists usually wear long sleeve jerseys when the temperature drops below 12 degrees. Their flexible fabrics allow great freedom of movement unlike a jacket that can feel slightly more restrictive. However, they offer little to no protection against wind and rain, so you might want to wear a vest as well. Castelli jerseys can easily be worn over a baselayer and offer style that will turn heads.

Coats and jackets

Windproof jackets are easily carried in the back pocket of your jersey, which makes them the perfect choice for those days when the sky is overcast. Often offering a light protection against rain, they can also be worn during summer. Rain jackets provide efficient rain protection for brave cyclists and commuters who ride in all conditions. Thermal coats offer great protection against cold while wicking away moisture.

Cycling tights

When it is below 10 degrees out, opt for cycling tights or pants to wear over your shorts to enjoy the comfort of the chamois. Gore offers Windstopper wind and water repellent technology at different performance levels, making it a solid choice for riders riding under harsh conditions.

Shoe Covers

There is a wide variety of shoe covers with various functions such as protecting your feet from the rain, keeping you warm and dry, but also enhancing your aerodynamic performance while racing. Giant Diversion shoe covers incorporate all of these features, and also include reflective elements and a UPF protection.


Visibility is a crucial safety element for all riders, which is why reflectors are mandatory on all bikes while front and rear lights are also mandatory after dusk. With the NiteRider Lumina 850 / Sabre 80 Light Combo, the taillight acts as a daytime reflector and flashes in the evening providing 180 degree visibility. The Lumina front light illuminates the road once it gets dark and can be taken off quickly to prevent theft.


Accessories like hats, gloves and socks help protect our extremities from the wind and cold temperatures. It is important that they wick away humidity, as fabric must stay dry to retain heat. Merino wool is probably the best choice to stay warm, since it offers superior wicking properties. 

Be prepared to cope with the unexpected by consulting our article on the essentials to bring during your road / hybrid rides.