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Trainers allow you to maintain physical fitness gained during summer, while targeting your weaknesses, allowing you to reach new levels of performance. 

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Direct Drive

Whether you have a serious workout routine to follow,  or  are looking for something more interactive, virtual trainers with automated resistance will help you reach your goals. Pair it with your electronic device to follow data such as your speed, your cadence, your power and even your heartbeat.


Designed for high intensity workouts, magnetic trainers allow manual resistance adjustement while also using your bike gears. Thanks to the handlebar lever, you can control your intervals to achieve your specific performance goals. Easy to carry, you will be able to pedal wherever you want.


Offering a natural pedaling feeling, classic rollers will help you improve your pedal stroke as well as your core strength. Simple to use, they only require your concentration and good balance. They are the perfect practical accessory to warm up before your next big race as they are easy to store and carry.

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