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Adult Tricycles

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Discover the Joy of Cycling with Our Adult Tricycles

Explore a new dimension of cycling with our collection of adult tricycles. At Primeau Vélo, we believe that the joy of cycling should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age or experience level. That's why we offer a diverse range of tricycles specially designed for adults, providing stability, comfort, and a unique riding experience.

What Sets Adult Tricycles Apart from Other Types of Bikes?

Adult tricycles stand out with their three-wheel design, offering superior stability compared to traditional two-wheel bikes. They are perfect for individuals with reduced mobility needs as well as those looking to enjoy the pleasures of cycling without worrying about balance.

What Advantages Do Adult Tricycles Offer?

Tricycles provide increased stability, making them ideal for cyclists of all ages. They also allow for carrying heavier loads due to their generous baskets. Furthermore, their ergonomic design and enhanced comfort make them perfect for longer rides.

Are Adult Tricycles Adjustable Based on Size?

Yes, our adult tricycles are designed to accommodate different sizes. Some models offer seat and handlebar adjustment options to ensure a comfortable fit for every cyclist.