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Super Ultimate 430


SKU: 0008538

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The Super Ultimate 230 mm lock is a urban level security in a high-tech minimalist design.

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  • 14mm round shackle
  • Double bolting shackle in the lock body
  • Shackle, lock body and supporting elements made of special temper hardened steel
  • ABUS Premium Cylinder offers great protection against picking
  • Two keys supplied with the lock
  • Lock mounts to bike easily with the USH bracket provided


Diameter 14 mm
Dimension 23cm
Fixation System Frame bracket included
Lock Mechanism Universal frame bracket
Brands Abus
Mechanism Type Key


Customer Reviews

Good upgrade from the 420
Review by Stephen Rondeau

This lock is fantastic, however the bracket seemed inverted from my 420 so putting it in the same spot would have it backwards and this was the best spot I could find. Until I made this work, then I found the perfect placement. Once that was done I rode off and the lock fell off. Whoops. Once screwed in very tightly and properly, the lock stays solid. It’s very heavy duty and somehow pleasant to touch and look at. I hate the yellow in the picture and missed the red 420 until I saw this in person. It’s actually not so much yellow as it is highlighter. It’s straight up highlighter color which is much cooler looking in person. I really like it a lot and with its current placement it fits perfectly over my outpost frame bag while still allowing me access to the pockets. The package reads 4.75” inner width which is why I went with this one. I like to lock my frame to the back tote with the unlock and the 420 just squeezed barely over 4.6” tires. This has plenty of wiggle room which is good because I am switching to 5” tires come winter. Seeing as the 420 had an extra 0.5” give room beyond its inner width, I expect this to as well housing up to a 5.25” tire which doesn’t exist. So theoretically this will fit snug but nicely over some 5” Johnny fives without any real wiggle room. The width, size and bylines of this unlock is immediately transparent over the 420. I could see why it was called this u locks little brother. I’m sure many of you know how hard it is to find a wide unlock. Even the expensive granites seem to top out around 4.25 making this the widest Abus ulock I could find. Kryptonite and OnGuard both had ulocks with 5” inner width but they had very poor reviews and security ratings, and were also much uglier. Yellow is one of my least favourite colours and I just love how it looks in person. The highlighter actually looks very good with my grey/orange frame.

Obviously I have had no theft attempts which is what a review on a lock should really be about but I thought I’d at least address my concerns when buying this for anyone else on the fence or looking down the same road I did. Security rating is higher on this than the 420 as well which again is instantly noticeable. Every part of this lock seems a bit higher quality.

If I had any complaints, I wish there were more colours options and slightly more width but I assume that would lower the security rating to those of the 5” OnGuard and Kryptonite. A more neutral color like grey would have been a lot wiser but I suppose detracts from their granite line.

I found this difficult to find but 2/2 times now primeauvelo has had what I needed. An impossible to find front fender and this lock which was hard to find as well.

I am curious though why when I received this lock the packaging was tampered with and my keys soaked in grease and sand. It had clearly been used so for $140 I’m not very happy about that. Please don’t sell used goods as new. I am sure the lovely bits of rock and sand were not from the factory. Otherwise, very happy.

(Posted on 2020-05-23)

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