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Sport Drink Carburate Advanced Fuel

Advanced Fuel

SKU: 0002692

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Sport Drink Carburate Advanced Fuel Electrolytes & Hydration Boxing Day Sales Solde Vêtements Liquidation Liquidation - 50% de rabais et plus


Mixing this powdered base sport drink with water maintains hydration and energy during high intensity and prolonged efforts. With simple and complex carbohydrates for energy, electrolytes and minerals to sustain effort. These sports drink will help increase performance while reducing cramping risks and muscle fatigue.

The Carburate Sports Drink can be consumed before and during workouts. It reduces muscle fatigue, promotes recovery and also boosts blood flow making it the optimal sport drink to keep your energy up so you can push harder

Suggested dosage:
Add 1 to 2 servings of Carburate to 500 ml of water. Shake well until solution is clearly mixed. Drink sparingly reaching 750 ml per hour.


Brands Advanced Fuel
Portion 960g \ 32 servings


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