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  • Computer support 26.0mm

    Bontrager Computer support 26.0mm

  • Bontrager Node computer bracket

    Bontrager Bontrager Node computer bracket

  • Cadence band magnet

    Bontrager Cadence band magnet

  • CR2032

    Maxell CR2032

  • Flat magnet

    Mavic Flat magnet

  • Bontrager 5mm crank cadence

    Bontrager Bontrager 5mm crank cadence

  • LR44

    Maxell LR44

  • Speedtrap

    Bontrager Speedtrap

  • Fixer 5 handlebar bracket

    Topeak Fixer 5 handlebar bracket

  • Aero magnet

    Bontrager Aero magnet

  • RideSense Ant+/btle combo

    Giant RideSense Ant+/btle combo

  • Edge 1000 speed sensor

    Garmin Edge 1000 speed sensor

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1-12 of 28
We offer a wide variety of sensors for bike computers, whether you want a speed and cadence sensor for a Garmin Edge, or something more traditionnal like a Cateye Strada. We have everything you need ranging from batteries for your Bontrager Duotrap to magnets for your speed sensor.