A hybrid bike is an everyday bike built for the paved roads of the city, bike paths and light gravel roads. With its all-purpose nature, no wonder it’s the most popular bike category year after year. 

What is a hybrid bike?

To qualify as a hybrid bike, it needs to have a flat handlebar and 700c wheels. The flat bar allows the rider to get in a comfortable position, while the big 700 mm wheels combined with low-resistance tires, make the hybrid an efficient bike. Hybrids are relatively light bikes and offer a wide selection of gears to choose from, allowing you to climb easily.

Why choose a hybrid bike?

You choose a hybrid bike for its versatility. It’s the ideal family bike, the ideal commuter and a perfect bike to get you back in shape. Because of its utilitarian nature, the hybrid bike generally accepts all kinds of accessories, like a bike stand, a rack, fenders or even a child seat. It really is the ideal bike to ride on the road and bike paths when you don’t want a road bike.

Hybrid bike categories

Performance hybrids

Also known as the sport or fitness hybrid, this is the most popular hybrid bike. Its sporty fit offers a great balance of comfort and efficiency, while its light weight and mountain bike gearing allow you tackle climbs with ease. The Trek FX, Cannondale Quick and Giant Escape are prime examples of performance hybrid.

For cyclists who want a faster bike, some hybrids offer more performance with the help of narrower tires, road bike gearing, lighter frame and wheels, and a sportier fit.

Choose if: You wish to ride casually, get back in shape, commute to work.

Comfort bikes

With its wider tires, very high handlebar and comfy saddle, the comfort bike has the more recreational rider in mind. A suspension seatpost and sometimes even a front suspension offer maximum comfort by filtering road vibrations. Although comfort bikes are heavier and slower than regular performance hybrids, the casual rider for whom it is designed will usually favor comfort over performance. The Trek Verve and Giant Cypress are prime examples of comfort bike.

Choose if: Comfort is your priority and you don’t seek performance.

Cuiser bikes

The cruiser bike is a city bike you choose its style and fun factor. It uses simple and reliable parts and offers a riding position similar to what you can get on a comfort bike. It usually comes with bigger tires, a comfortable saddle and high handlebar.

Choose if: You ride for short distances on flat roads and you like the style of the bike. Performance is not a priority for you.

Dual sport

The Dual Sport is a hybrid bike capable of riding anywhere. It is aimed at cyclists who prefer a mountain bike feel or at someone who seeks a more capable and robust hybrid. It usually has a front suspension and disc brakes, which make it a very solid commuter. The Trek DS, Cannondale Quick CX and Giant Roam are prime examples of Dual Sport.

Choose if: You ride in the city, you ride unpaved paths, you like mountain bike components.

Urban bike

Urban bikes offer a simpler design, with usually fewer components for added simplicity and reliability. As their name indicates, urban bikes are designed with urban commuting in mind, which explains why some models come standard with fenders, racks or even baskets. The Cannondale Bad Boy is prime example of urban bikes.

Choose if: You commute in the city and want reliable and versatile performance.  


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