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Rims, hubs and spokes

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  • FTS-L freehub body | 11-speed

    Mavic FTS-L freehub body | 11-speed

  • HB-4600 Tiagra Front Hub

    Shimano HB-4600 Tiagra Front Hub

  • Spoke and nut for right rear, 1

    Campagnolo Spoke and nut for right rear, 1

  • FH-BU015 Freehub Body

    Campagnolo FH-BU015 Freehub Body

  • 2-Way Fit Valve

    Campagnolo 2-Way Fit Valve

  • Mini set of Neutron spokes

    Campagnolo Mini set of Neutron spokes

  • FH-BUU015 Freehub Body

    Campagnolo FH-BUU015 Freehub Body

  • FH-BO015X1 Freehub Body

    Campagnolo FH-BO015X1 Freehub Body

  • SG-3C41 Rear Hub

    Shimano SG-3C41 Rear Hub

  • CB-E110 Coaster Hub

    Shimano CB-E110 Coaster Hub

  • XM 117 Rim

    Mavic XM 117 Rim


    Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price $27.99

  • FH-R7000 105 rear hub

    Shimano FH-R7000 105 rear hub

Sort By: DESC
1-12 of 43
Whenever you're looking for rims, hubs and spokes for carbon rims, aluminium rims, we have everything you need! Choose between the best brands like Zipp, Bontrager, Enve and much more!

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