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Marathon | 700c tire


SKU: 0005581

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Marathon | 700c tire Hybrid bike tires Hybrid bike tires 700c


The archetypal high quality touring tire. The Marathon has a highly elastic GreenGuard layer 3 mm thick to prevent flats. One third of the GreenGuard is made up of recycled latex products. The “Anti-Aging” sidewall can withstand the typical cracking that results from overloading due to insufficient inflation pressure for much longer. An extremely cut-resistant hightech fiber makes it possible to ensure even on very light tires an extraordinary high level of puncture resistance.

The Marathon is a great upgrade for commuters, since oem tires on hybrid bikes are generally pretty vulnerable to punctures. It’s also a great choice for touring bikes, where you ride long kilometers with weight on your bike, often submitting the side-walls to debris from the road.

If you want a long lasting tire, and the peace of mind that comes with resistant puncture protection, the Marathon is the go to tire.


Bead Rigid
Brands Schwalbe
Recommended PSI 700 x 25C: 85-115 psi 700 x 28C: 80-110 psi 700 x 32C: 65-95 psi 700 x 35C: 58-85 psi 700 x 38C: 50-85 psi
Use Road, touring, hybrid


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