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  • Flourish 4

    Liv Flourish 4


    Regular Price: $499.99

    Special Price $424.99

  • Flourish 2

    Liv Flourish 2

    $58.33 / month (12 months, 0% annual interest)
  • Flourish FS 1

    Liv Flourish FS 1

    $50.00 / month (12 months, 0% annual interest)
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3 Item(s)
Streamlined, simple and solid, urban bikes are hybrid bikes perfectly adapted to city use. With their efficient design, they’re also the best commuters. If you looking for a great city bike, our selection of great urban bikes, such as the Cannondale Bad Boy and Liv Flourish will cover your needs. Be sure to check out our Hybrid Bike Buyer's Guide for more information on how to choose the right bike for you.

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