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Bike clubs

Espoirs de Laval

Founded in 1968, the Espoirs de Laval Cycling Club is reknown as one the most important road and track racing clubs in Canada.

Accredited by the Fédération Québécoise des Sports Cyclistes (FQSC), the club has racers, boys and girls, in all categories, from the younger than 10 years old bibittes, all the way to the more experienced masters. This includes the pee-wees, minimes, cadets, juniors and seniors.

Through the years, the Club has won more than 100 national titles. It has had great racers within its ranks, like Czeslaw Lukaszewicz, Steve Rover and Yanick Cojan. It has also been represented in national, international and olympic races.

We’re proud to take part in the development of young athletes, by making sure their training is provided by certified coaches, and by supporting more than ever the Elite level racers.

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LapraiCycle Primeau Vélo

Cycling club LAPRAICYCLE has been active in the Roussillon region since 1993. It is a non-profit organisation that acts as a development club divided in two categories: Espoirs, which is a road racing category for kids from 9 to 16 years old, and the Cyclosportif category, which is for adults.

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Vélo Détente Laval

The Vélo Détente Laval cycling club is a non-profit organisation allowing recreationnal cyclists to ride together. Founded in 1997 by Pierre Primeau, the club is now composed of more than 450 members. It is targeted at cyclists who own a bike in good condition, and who can ride 60 to 100 km at a pace of at least 20 km/h. Different groups offer various average speeds and ride difficulty in order for you to choose a sportier or easier ride. Vélo Détente focuses on the pleasure of riding and security.

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Les Bicycologues

Based in Brossard, the Bicicologues cycling club promotes cycling and touring in the Montérégie area. Founded in 1988 by André Primeau, the club is now composed of more than 150 members. There is a ride every Wedneday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday where cyclists are offered three speed categories.

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Les Vélomanes de Sainte-Julie

With almost 25 years of existence, the Ste-Julie Vélomanes cycling club is now composed of around 130 members. It offers group rides ranging from 50 to 130km aimed at more serious riders looking for a sportier experience. It’s the ideal place to share your cycling passion while developing new friendships.

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Vélo passion

Although the Vélo Passion cycling club is not a racing club, it focuses on serious riding and wishes to provide a fun, structured and safe environnement for road cycling.
The club’s main goal is to allow its members to become better cyclists by learning how to ride properly in a peloton, how to ride in echelons, as well as other cycling technique and rudiments.

In order to ensure that everyone has a great experience riding, the club has rigourous ethics code. The club also offers different speed groups and rides to suit the level of every rider.  

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