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  • Gu Energy Gel

    Gu Gu Energy Gel

  • Shot bloks

    Clif Shot bloks

  • Organic energy chews

    Stinger Organic energy chews

  • Energy Gel LG1

    Garneau Energy Gel LG1

  • Clif Bar

    Clif Clif Bar

  • Advanced Carburated Gel

    Advanced Fuel Advanced Carburated Gel

  • Maple flavoured energy gel

    Rekarb Maple flavoured energy gel

  • Honey Stinger Waffle

    Stinger Honey Stinger Waffle

  • Gel Bottle Advanced Carburate

    Advanced Fuel Gel Bottle Advanced Carburate

  • Chews

    Gu Chews

  • Performance energy bar

    Powerbar Performance energy bar

  • Powergel

    Powerbar Powergel

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12 Item(s)
We offer a wide variety of energy products to ensure to stay strong while out cycling.