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Computers and GPS

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  • Sale
    Edge 205 GPS

    Garmin Edge 205 GPS


    Regular Price: $349.99

    Special Price $140.00

  • Sale
    Node 2.1

    Bontrager Node 2.1


    Regular Price: $179.99

    Special Price $129.99

  • Sale
    Atom SL 6.0 wireless

    Blackburn Atom SL 6.0 wireless


    Regular Price: $109.99

    Special Price $65.99

  • Strada digital wireless CC-RD430DW

    Cateye Strada digital wireless CC-RD430DW

  • Trip 5w

    Bontrager Trip 5w

  • Strada digital wireless CC-RD410DW

    Cateye Strada digital wireless CC-RD410DW

  • Trip 1

    Bontrager Trip 1

  • Edge 25 bundle/cadence

    Garmin Edge 25 bundle/cadence

  • GOTime

    Bontrager GOTime

  • Strada Slim wireless CC-RD310W

    Cateye Strada Slim wireless CC-RD310W

  • Padrone wireless CC-PA100W

    Cateye Padrone wireless CC-PA100W

  • Trip 200

    Bontrager Trip 200

Sort By: DESC
1-12 of 37
We offer a wide variety of bike computers, whether you want something with GPS, like a Garmin Edge, or something more traditionnal like a Cateye Strada. Whether you want to see your average speed, your cadence or your power, we have what you need.
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