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Rims, hubs and spokes

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  • Steel ball Bearing 1/4 (250)

    Wheels Manufacturing Steel ball Bearing 1/4 (250)

  • Freehub body FH-m525  9speed (Shimano)

    Shimano Freehub body FH-m525 9speed (Shimano)

  • Bearing 6903-E MAX 18X30X7/10

    Enduro Bearing 6903-E MAX 18X30X7/10

  • Bearing SB5-6803 unit

    Wheels Manufacturing Bearing SB5-6803 unit

  • Bearing SB5-6001 unit

    Wheels Manufacturing Bearing SB5-6001 unit

  • Bearing SB5-6901 unit

    Wheels Manufacturing Bearing SB5-6901 unit

  • Bearing SB5-6806 unit

    Wheels Manufacturing Bearing SB5-6806 unit

  • Steel ball Bearing 5/32 (500)

    Wheels Manufacturing Steel ball Bearing 5/32 (500)

  • Freehub body DT-SWISS 11speeds (Campagnolo)

    Bontrager Freehub body DT-SWISS 11speeds (Campagnolo)

  • Bearing SB5-6902 unit

    Wheels Manufacturing Bearing SB5-6902 unit

  • FreeHub DT 240s

    Dt Swiss FreeHub DT 240s

  • RXL FreeHub body -11 speeds

    Bontrager RXL FreeHub body -11 speeds

Sort By: DESC
1-12 of 18
We offer a vast selection of carbon rims, aluminium rims, front and rear hubs and spokes for all kinds of bike wheels.
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